Abenezer Tilahun Girma Abenezer Tilahun is a 3D Generalist from Addis Ababa, 3D Genermalism is a very foreign concept here in Ethiopia so Demistyfying the concept is work all on its own, 3D generalism is an inclusive term that holds within it various specialisations. Be it 3D Animations, Visual Effects, Product Visualisation, Archetectural visualisation and Character Design..


18 Dec, 2018

Is the Process of using multiple photos to derive a 3D model, the number of photographs one can use vary depending on the level of detail they desire, so if one only needs a base to build on then your typical photogramettry software can create a 3D model from as little as 30 well taken photographs. The following model was created in reality capture, a great tool that I recommend, and it took about 109 photos to calculate. Photogrammetry is a really fascinating process that nurtures creativity and saves you a lot of time. And even though one might thing they might need professional equipment, ole any one really needs is a phone camera to get away with it.


1. Always us diffused lights, because you don't want specular highlights and or shadows the best way to do this is to not use the flash feature on your phone or your fancy camera.

2. Always avoid sharp shadows. You want your shadows to be created in the render engine. Because control is very important when it comes to look development.


Here is a picture of what you can achieve with photogrammetry.

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